Zimbabwean Girl Faints After Meeting South African Rapper Nasty C on his Zim tour

South African award-winning rapper Nasty C recently toured Zimbabwe on his Ivyson Zim Schools Tour. in this year’s tour, Nasty C featured Zimbabwean rising stars, King 98 and Enzo Ishall. The show saw Nasty C performing in High Schools across the country and it was no surprise that his multitudes of fans could not contain their excitement and reports suggest that some of the fans fainted at the sight on the superstar. The tour is named after the 22-year old’s late mother.

The five-day visit was mainly focused on encouraging the youths to follow their dreams and explore their artistic capabilities. According to reports from one of the interns covering the media team, Nasty C surprised them all with his cool personality and humbleness.

His first performance was at Roosevelt Girls High. Screams could be heard from the hall where he was performing with girls failing to control themselves. The most memorable part of his tour was the one at St John’s Emerald Hill. The South African Rapper showcased part of why he keeps in touch with fans and gave a short inspirational speech. “It does not matter where you come from, you can do anything as long as you put your heart in it” The students had gone an extra mile to carve a “Welcome Nasty c” placard and other messages for Nasty who really showed gratefulness by signing a few autographs for the jovial students.

Once the show started, there was a stampede to get in the front row and have a closer look at nasty C as he belted some of his favourite tunes. This is when the most memorable thing happened as the Zimbabwean fans could not believe Nasty C was right there in front of him. The shock caused some students to cry. It is also reported that some girls fainted and had to be taken out to get some fresh air and be revived, Those who fainted unfortunately missed the rest of the show. Some South African Nasty C fans made fun of the fainting girls by suggesting that maybe they were hungry since Zimbabwe is facing a drought.

Despite all the drama, the tour was a great one and on December 21st, the last show of the 2019 Ivyson Tour will see Nasty C sharing the stage with King 98, Enzo Ishall, Kikky and Takura. a full house is expected.

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