Zimbabwe was better under colonial Rhodesia – Tom Deuschle

ZIMBABWE was free under colonial Rhodesia than it is under President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a popular Harare cleric has said.

Former Celebration International Church senior pastor Tom Deuschle in a video that has gone viral on social media called on Zimbabweans to “stand up and fight” what he referred to as “giants in our land.”

“God never meant for people to be controlled. God meant for people to be free. Oppression and oppressors needs to be broken. There was a liberation struggle to break-off oppression and we are as oppressed maybe more than we were then,” Deuschle said.

Zimbabwe was colonised by the British for almost 90 years until a 15 year-bush war forced the Rhodesian regime to agree to the granting of majority rule.

Tens of thousands of black Zimbabweans were killed during the war as white Rhodesians fought to keep their privileges.

Former Zanu PF leader Robert Mugabe took over as the country first black Prime Minister in 1980 and ruled the country with an iron fist until he was deposed by the military in 2017 paving the way for Mnangagwa to take over.

Mnangagwa then won disputed elections last year and the political situation in the country has continued to deteriorate under his watch. The new Zanu PF leader has called on the army twice with deadly results killing over 20 people on two occasions as protests broke out against his rule.

With Mnangagwa pushing for reforms that have left citizens reeling, doctors have been on strike for nearly two months now and Deuschle said he was proud that have taken a strong stance.

“I am so proud of the doctors for having drawn a line in the sand and stood up to the oppression as well as the oppressive situation that we are in. There is really no excuse for negligence.

“When we have hospitals that do not have running water and we can’t even get paracetamol, this is ridiculous. It is evil,” the cleric said.

He said Mnangagwa’s government has stopped people from proffering solutions to the crisis in the country.

“We will not allow people to come up with solutions, everything is controlled,” he said.

The pastor gave the example of the Biblical children of Israel that he said had at some point thought they had been liberated only to wonder in the wilderness for 40 years “because they were afraid of attacking the giants.”

“They refused to fight the giants. They refused to stand up and attack the giants. Now there are giants in our land, they will not go away unless somebody addresses them. We make excuses for these giants,” said Deuschle.

He said it took the courage of people like Caleb and Joshua who refused to bow down to the giants adding these were able to deliver the Israelis into the “promised land.”

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