ZIFA: Show us FIFA letter that nullified Chiyangwa ban

ZIFA: Show us FIFA letter that nullified Chiyangwa ban.

Zimbabwe Football Association, a board governing board, has written to Dr Philip Chiyangwa led COSAFA demanding a letter from FIFA that nullified a life ban the association had put on Chiyangwa. Writing to COSAFA, ZIFA chief executive, Joseph Mamutse, said:

Philip Chiyangwa

We refer to your letter to all COSAFA Member Association president regarding the above and dated 30 August 2019. We have taken note that you claim to have received a letter from FIFA with their alleged “opinion that the Ban served on Dr Chiyangwa is a nullity . . .”

You further claim in the same letter that FIFA had mandated Dr Chiyangwa in consultation with ZIFA, SRC and the Government of Zimbabwe to find lasting solutions on “ongoing problems” in Zimbabwe, whatever that means.

We kindly request you favour us and the rest of the COSAFA membership with that communication from FIFA that allegedly lifted or nullified the Ban as well as mandated Dr Chiyangwa to find solutions in Zimbabwean Football.

ZIFA claim that they wrote a letter to FIFA enquiring for more details related to the ban of Chiyangwa and Mr Omega Sibanda. The association claims that the reply got suggest that nothing was nullified.

The letter comes after COSAFA wrote a letter to ZIFA alleging that FIFA had nullified a life ban on Chiyangwa and his deputy Omega Sibanda.

Chiyangwa had been banned for life by ZIFA for bringing Zimbabwean football into disrepute through the 2019 COSAFA Cup bid fiasco wherein he unilaterally submitted an incomplete bid document without getting a government guarantee and Zifa board resolution.

This attracted a ban on the country from Cosafa where he is president.

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