ZERA Announces Reduction In Level Of Ethanol Blending

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority ZERA has announced the reduction of Mandatory Ethanol Blending from 20% to 10% with immediate effect. Motorists were crying foul over the quality of Petrol which seemed to ‘disappear’ from the tank.

Drivers found themselves going fewer kilometres on Zimbabwean Fuel as compared to petrol from South Africa or Botswana.

Also owing to the fact that cars on Zimbabwean roads are older, they come from a time period when manufacturers recommended a maximum of 10% Ethanol and not the 20% available in Zimbabwe hence the reason for the adverse mileage.

Speaking via a Press Statement, the Energy Regulator announced the development.

Please be advised that the level of blending of anhydrous ethanol with unleaded petrol has been reduced from E20 to E10. implementation is with immediate effect.


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