Zec doesn’t tamper with voters roll

Zec doesn’t tamper with voters roll.

In a response to the MDC, Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba said it was her mandate to maintain and update the voters’ roll and all actions by the commission were in line with its duties.

Justice Priscilla Chigumba

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has dismissed allegations and concerns raised by the opposition MDC of alleged tinkering of the voters’ roll through de-registration and moving voters from one polling station to the other.

“The maintenance of the voters’ roll entails activities which may lead to the variation with previously issued voters’ roll, further voter registration which continues in terms of section 17 A of the Electoral Act … results in new additions to the voters’ roll,” she said.

Chigumba told MDC secretary-general Charlton Hwende that her commission was also seized with cleaning the voters’ roll to ensure that it’s more accurate ahead of any future elections.

“The commission wishes to advise that as a result of the voters’ roll cleaning activities, some voters who appeared in the 2018 harmonised elections roll have been reallocated to the appropriate polling stations,” she said.

The MDC had also alleged that some voters had been de-registered by the commission, an allegation Chigumba dismissed as false. “Kindly note that no voters who registered for the 2018 elections have been de-registered, but have only been re-allocated according to furnished addresses,” she said.


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