ZDF Commander: Don’t judge Mugabe on his last days

ZDF Commander: Don’t judge Mugabe on his last days.

Commander of the Defence Forces General Philip Valerio Sibanda has said whatever happened during former President Robert Mugabe’s last days should not be used to tarnish all the good he did for the nation.

ZDF team challenged to bring medals

Gen Sibanda said this as he sent the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) his condolences. Said Sibanda:

“It is a very sad day indeed for Zimbabwe Defence Forces and Zimbabwe in general. I received the news early this morning.

“He played his part in the liberation of this country and in moving this country from colonialism at Independence to where we are today.

“Whatever happened towards the end of his leadership should not be used to rubbish the good things that he did during his life,” said Gen Sibanda.


Mugabe on Tekere’s burial: The dead do not decide where they are buried

Zimbabwe’s founding leader, the late Robert Mugabe is reported to have remarked that the dead do not decide where they are buried.

Mugabe Tekere

These remarks are said to have been directed to former ZANU PF Secretary General, Edgar Tekere who had died. Tekere had repeatedly said that he…MORE HERE.

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