ZACC: Kazhanje’s conviction should be reason enough to question why Chivhayo isn’t on trial

ZACC: Kazhanje’s conviction should be reason enough to question why Chivhayo isn’t on trial.

The new interest in the Intratek Zimbabwe boss comes when former Zimbabwe Power Company board chair, Stanley Kazhanje has been convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison for accepting a US$10 000 bribe from Chivhayo.

ChivayoThe Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission has said that it was appealing against the High Court order that acquitted ex-convict and businessman, Wicknell Chivhayo of corruption charges.

The court was convinced that Chivhayo paid the money to influence Kazhanje’s decisions in the multimillion solar power tender that was eventually awarded to Chivhayo. The project is yet to commence three years later, with only metal cabins erected at the site. Speaking during an exclusive interview with Zim Morning Post on Thursday (today), ZACC chairperson Loice Matanda -Moyo said:

We are seeking leave to appeal so that the acquittal is set aside. We are now armed with a conviction so it defies logic that one party is punished while another is left scot-free yet it takes two to tango.

When I was appointed, Chivayo had already been acquitted so we allowed the Kazhanje case to proceed until it was finalised.

That conviction alone should be reason enough to question why Chivayo is not on trial on the same case. Principles of justice require that fairness in dealing with the same case be employed so we have no option but to appeal the acquittal.

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