Woman drugged, raped by 2 Budiriro Spiritual healers

Two self-styled spiritual healers allegedly drugged, kidnapped and took turns to rape a woman who had visited their shrine for help, the court has heard.

The woman lost her mobile phone to thieves and sought spiritual help from Peceamore Kamusiki (48) and Jaison Mataurwa (42) in a bid to recover it.

When she got to the pair’s shrine in Budiriro, she was given a concoction to drink after being told she would see the thieves in a mirror.

The woman complied and gulped the concoction.

She suddenly felt dizzy and passed out and woke up around 2am the following day while naked along with both suspects.

According to the State, the victim felt pain on her privates.

Kamusiki and Mataurwa appeared in court last Saturday charged with rape and kidnapping.

They were remanded in custody to October 24 with instructions to apply for bail at the High Court.

Harare lawyer Mr Liberty Gono from Chiturumani and Zvavanoda Law Chambers is representing them.

It is the State’s case that on October 9 at around midday, the victim approached Kamusiki and Mataurwa at their shrine seeking help to recover her stolen cellphone.

She was given a greenish substance to drink.

After drinking the substance, the woman felt itchy all over her body and started vomiting.

She became dizzy and collapsed.

The State alleged that when the victim woke up in the wee hours of the following day, she was lying naked in bed between Kamusiki and Mataurwa and was still dizzy.

She asked the pair where she was and was told they were in Glen View 2.

She noticed semen on her private parts and legs.

When she tried to leave the house, the duo blocked her insisting they were waiting for instructions from the spirit.

She later escaped and reported the matter to the police.

Meanwhile, an Epworth woman, Nyaradzo Mhondiwa, was jailed four years for attempting to kill her rival over a man.

She gouged Winny Taranyika’s eye with a broken beer bottle.

She was convicted after a full trial.

In passing the sentence, the court said Mhondiwa inflicted a permanent disability on Taranyika who was now finding it difficult to eke out a living after the attack.

In aggravation, prosecutor Mr Panganai Chiutsi urged the court to impose a stiffer penalty to deter like-minded offenders.

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