Woman demands $9 500 maintenance

Woman demands $9 500 maintenance

A DISPUTE between a city man and his wife over spousal maintenance has spilled into court.

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Delean Muriro told the court that she tried her best to sort out things in her marriage but she has failed alone and she now wants a divorce from Thomas Muriro.

As such, Delean took Thomas to the Harare Civil Court claiming $9 500 maintenance for her upkeep.

“Pending outcome of the divorce, he should maintain me.

“We have not been blessed with any children in our 25-year marriage and for that reason, we are having issues on a daily bases and I cannot handle the issues now.

“I was used to living my proper lifestyle and l need to continue with that,” she said.

She further told the court that her husband is no longer taking good care of her.

“I am claiming for maintenance since he is no longer looking after me.

“I am no longer a beneficiary for his medical aid,” she said.

Thomas offered $1 000.

“I submit that she is my lawful wife and I have to maintain her but I am strongly opposed to the expenses demanded by Delean.

“I am willing to offer $1 000 and she should not pluck out figures from the sky.

“She moved out from our matrimonial home to another house in Chitungwiza and she is getting rentals from that house,” he said.

Thomas also told the court that there was no need for all the expenses she is claiming since he is the one who caters all her needs.

“She is covered on medical aid, I pay the insurance and fuel the car which I bought for her, much if not all, I cater for her needs,” he added.

Magistrate Nanzombe deferred the matter to September 4 for a ruling.


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