Woman beats ex-lover at midnight

Woman beats ex-lover at midnight.

A 21-year-old woman from Bulawayo has been fined $50 for storming into her ex-boyfriend’s house at midnight and assaulting him after he turned down her plea to rekindle their affair.


Mercy Zhou from Nketa 7 suburb, who was bitter after Mr Mbongeni Nxumalo (27) ended their relationship, jumped over the precast wall to gain entrance into her ex- boyfriend’s yard. She stormed his house and assaulted him with fists.

Zhou pleaded guilty to an assault charge before West Commonage magistrate, Ms Tancy Dube. The magistrate fined her $50 and if she defaults she will be imprisoned for 20 days.

The court heard that Zhou and Mr Nxumalo had been dating for two years and they have a two-year-old daughter. However, Mr Nxumalo wanted to cut ties with her because she was abusing him. Prosecuting, Mr Tapiwa Solani said the accused person went to her ex-boyfriend’s house on July 10 at around 2AM.

“Zhou had a misunderstanding with Mr Nxumalo over why he had broken up with her. Later Zhou became violent and assaulted her ex with fists several times on his face,” he said.

Mr Solani said Mr Nxumalo was referred to hospital for medical attention. Mr Nxumalo testified in court that Zhou was violent when she stormed into his house.

“When she entered into my house, she became violent shouting at me asking why I had cut ties with her. I told her that I no longer love her. She then pushed me to the ground and got on top of me holding a brick threatening to hit me with it. She also assaulted me all over my face with fists,” said Mr Nxumalo.

He said Zhou always abused him and wanted the law to take its course.

“It’s not her first time harassing and abusing me. I have always been patient but now I want the law to take its course,” said Mr Nxumalo.

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