#WCW Battle of the Queens: Pokello Nare vs Luminista Dambusa Jemwa

#WCW Battle of the Queens: Pokello Nare vs Luminista Dambusa Jemwa.

Its a Wednesday and we are celebrating our own Zimbabwean Queens. So we decided to appeal to you our fans on this heated conversation we were having this other day, me and my friends. We were scrolling on Instagram and saw pictures of Pokello Nare AKA Queen of Swagger and it so happened that soon after Pokello’s account there was Luminista’s.

So we viewed both of these stunning women pictures and thats when the argument generated. I was saying both women are fine in their own difference and my friends were saying Pokello is the better one and said she is home-based that’s a plus for her. Whilst some said Lumi is the future, they say she has all that it takes to overtake Pokello. So l come to you today and help us identify who is better between these two greatest women …

Pokello NarePokello Nare

Luminista DambusaLumi

Queen of SwaggerPokello

Luminista Dambusa JemwaLumi

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