Watch : Walter Magaya Opens up on failing several times

Founding leader of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries, Prophet Walter Magaya opens up on some of the challenges and shortcomings he has faced on his spiritual journey.

Magaya made the video in which he narrated the journey he undertook in forming his ministry as he celebrates his 36th birthday. The prophet revealed that

Highlighting some of his failures since he started PHD Ministries,

When asked to state some of his failures during this period, Magaya highlighted the following,

– There are moments when he didn’t listen to God
– There are some messages from

God that he has not delivered
– The man part of him failed since he is only human
– Fear stopped him from doing a lot of things he had not experience with
– Yadah connect is not a failure, it has just been delayed

Speaking on his highly controversial self proclaimed cure for HIV/AIDS and Cancer, Aguma, Magaya said, that at a proper time to come in the future when all the procedures have been followed, the world will benefit from his discovery.

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