Waist Beads ‘Ritual’ To Fix Marriage Backfires As Hubby Gets Spooked, Deserts Pregnant Wife

Waist Beads ‘Ritual’ To Fix Marriage Backfires As Hubby Gets Spooked, Deserts Pregnant Wife

A City woman’s efforts to save her marriage after being advised to use waist beads backfired after her husband ran away from home after seeing them suspecting witchcraft.

The matter came to light before the Harare civil court where Simon Mutumwa was seeking a protection order against his ex-girlfriend Melody Muzeze whom he accused of assaulting him.

Muzuze told the court that the accusations leveled against her where false.

”He is my husband, but we are on separation as we are having marital problems.
”I was advised by my friends to use waist beds and hen he saw them he ran away from home.

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”He only feared the waist bead.

”He started doubting me, suspecting me of doing witchcraft, which led him to run away from home,” said Muzeze.

Muzeze also told the court that she was carrying the complainant’s child.

”When he left home I was not aware that I was pregnant and he is denying paternity.

”I want him back home,” she said.


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