Video: Bustop TV’s “Zondo” skit another Government Mockery?

Bustop TV has dropped another controversial skit titled Sadza neZondo chikafu chemundege following pictures of president Emmerson Mnangagwa having the same meal on a flight which went viral a few days ago.

It seems online TV production is not backing down even if they are beaten or abducted. One of their main characters Gonyeti real name Samantha Kureya was abducted a few weeks ago and it is believed it was due to their skits that sometimes mock high government officials.

Mnangagwa eating

But it seems they are not quitting anytime soon, judging from their latest offering. They are making fun of President Mnangagwa’s sadza nezondo meal which he had with his team when he was on his way back home from France.

Check the video below


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