UZ girl (20) kills self after being Dumped by Boyfriend

A University of Zimbabwe (UZ) student committed suicide after she was dumped by her boyfriend.

Elsie Muchemedzi, 20, who lived with her mother in Dzivaresekwa committed suicide by consuming rat poison on December 4. She was buried in Murewa last week.

Elsie Muchemedzi

Spelile Murwira mother to Elsie Muchemedzi told H-Metro that her daughter could not handle being dumped by her boyfriend named Albert until she took rat poison. She died at West End Hospital.

“Akanwa piritsi remakonzo akanga arambana nemukomana wake saka pakuti ngatidzokeranei mukomana ndopaanga akuramba.

“Hanzi mukomana wacho akanga ava kudarika nepamba aine mumwe musikana ndofunga ndozvakanyanya kumurwadza.

“When she had taken the rat poison, her father asked her why she had decided to commit suicide but she replied saying, zvinorwadza daddy, zvinorwadza,” said the mother.

UZ director of information and public relations Daniel Chihombori told H-Metro that the institution is involved in programs to curb rampant suicide cases.

“The relevant student departments are having many programs which address these cases.

“We even hold regular seminars which we invite skilled people and experts from outside to lecture to the students.

“We have records and much information on the suicide cases that come to our attention,” said Dr Chihombori.

According to Centers for Disease Control (CFDC) statistics, among the different risk factors for suicide identified by researchers, relationship or marital problems stand out in particular.

“Not only are people dealing with relationship abuse or emotional conflict at particular risk for suicide attempts, but studies also show that terminating a relationship can boost suicide risk as well.

“In the same way that being in a committed relationship helps protect against stress or depression, this same sense of commitment may become dangerous once that relationship dissolves.

“Since any romantic relationship requires a significant investment of time, emotional bonding, shared friendship, and property, the sudden end of any relationship can have serious consequences,” reads the study.

It adds:

“People ending a serious relationship, especially one in which they had invested significant time and emotional commitment, may be especially prone to emotional problems, particularly depression.

“This, in turn, may also put them at a higher risk for suicide.

— HMetro

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