Tshinga Dube fires SHOTS at Govt – Get rid of selfish tendencies

Former War Veterans Affairs Minister, Tshinga Dube, has criticised the country’s political leaders for pursuing power at the expense of finding solutions to the problems bedevilling the country.

Dube told a local radio station on Wednesday that Zimbabwe’s leaders are now megalomaniac. He said:

“We have to realise that we have no other country except Zimbabwe and if we are going to make Zimbabwe a country that we are proud of, we have to think seriously and forget selfish tendencies.

“For instance, now we have all these problems. I am certain that our leaders can find a solution instead of thinking about power because power intoxicates. Absolute power intoxicates absolutely.”

While the country is faced with numerous challenges, the government has been focused on strengthening its repressive apparatus.

As of November 26, 448 incapacitated doctors had been fired from the public service while a recent gathering of MDC supporters in the Harare CBD was violently dispersed by the police.

Source – DailyNews

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