Teenager breaks into 14 homes in a space of 1 week

Teenager breaks into 14 homes in a space of 1 week.

Peacemaker Mambudu, aged 19 and employed as a brick moulder, was convicted on his own guilty plea to 14 counts of burglary he committed in a space of a single week. A Masvingo teenager who went on a housebreaking spree has been slapped with a five-year prison term.


Prosecutor Malvin Mapako told the court that Mambudu terrorised residents in the sprouting suburb of Victoria Range, breaking into their homes and stealing their valuables.

Mambudu carried out robberies in broad daylight and used unknown objects to break windows to gain entry into homes.

He then ransacked the rooms before stealing property, cash and food items. His luck ran out when an ambush was laid by members of the criminal investigations department as he attempted another break-in.

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