Soldier arrested for firing his AK-47 at State House

A PRESIDENTIAL GUARD SOLDIER AT HARARE STATE HOUSE , emptied his AK 47 magazine by furiously firing in the air
The soldier has since been arrested and detained by the military police at their holding cells.
Parliament yesterday heard that soldiers and police officers’ morale had hit rock bottom due to a shortage of food and uniforms, with a meagre 39 cents being spent on each soldier’s daily diet, causing some to faint during parades due to hunger.

Defence and War Veterans secretary Mark Grey Marongwe made the disclosure when he appeared before the Levi Mayihlome-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs.
Speaking on behalf of the police, Senior Assistant Commissioner Wonder Tembo also revealed that the paltry budgetary allocations for the Zimbabwe Republic Police had resulted in the country’s cops wearing fading uniforms, thus dampening their spirit.

Defence and War Veterans secretary Mark Grey Marongwe disclosed that due to poor dietary conditions, it was evident whenever they sent officers on attachment to other countries that they returned showing signs of having gained weight and being well-fed, in contrast to local conditions.

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