SHOCKER : 21 year old man sexually attracted to his own Mother 😲

A devastated woman has made shocking claims saying that her 21-year-old son’s is sxually attracted to her as evidenced by his “lustful” compliments on her appearance.

Sikhangezile Mlotshwa from Bulawayo’s Nketa 9 suburb revealed that she was “confused” about her son Samuel Mlotshwa’s feelings towards her as he was always complimenting her appearance while calling her “yellow-bone”.

Sikhangezile, who apparently loves her son and wants their relationship to be nothing more than a mother-son bond, last week approached the Bulawayo Civil Court seeking protection against his (Samuel)’s inappropriate behaviour.

“I don’t want him in the house as he is always drunk. He always admires me saying I am a “yellow bone” and I fear that he might r_pe me. It is a taboo in our culture that a

son is sxually attracted to his mother,” bitterly complained Sikhangezile.

She also accused her son of verbally ab_sing her and threatening to beat her up when in one of his drunken rages.

In response, Samuel blamed his uncouth behaviour on his family’s church rules which restricted him from having the normal teenager experience. .

“She is my biological mother but she has been harsh to me. I have never ab_sed her as she has claimed. Whenever we had a misunderstanding, I would be telling her the truth that she hates me.

In his ruling the presiding magistrate Lesigo Ngwenya ordered Samuel to vacate his mother’s place and not to verbally and physically ab_se her.

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