Shock As Kwekwe Couple Sells Baby For Money

Shock As Kwekwe Couple Sells Baby For Money

A Kwekwe-based couple landed in hot soup after they allegedly sold their four-month-old son to a woman who wanted to please her South Africa-based husband.

Shock As Kwekwe Couple Sells Baby For Money

Merancia Musoni (28) and husband Zephenia Sibanda, also 28, and his sister Edina Sibanda (34) reportedly sold their son to a woman who had faked a pregnancy and subsequent birth of the boy to her husband.

The baby was, however, intercepted at the Beitbridge border post as the woman, Nontuthuko Ncube attempted to smuggle the boy to South Africa after the deal went sour.

The quartet was charged with human trafficking.

According to reports, sometime in May, Ncube who was in South Africa with her husband Matthew Mlalazi lied that she had fallen pregnant and according to her family traditions she was not allowed to give birth in a foreign land hence she had to travel back to Zimbabwe.

Upon her arrival in Zimbabwe, she shared her plight with Ncube who is her landlord who then hatched a plan to dupe her husband.

Ncube then informed Nontuthuko not to worry as her brother Zephania had a baby boy.

A meeting was held and a plan was hatched that Mlalazi is called from South Africa to see their baby.

Mlalazi, who like a real father then came heavily laden with groceries mainly for the upkeep of the newly born baby.

Quickly, a birth certificate was acquired with the child being christened Munyaradzi Junior Mlalazi.

The matter came to light, however, when Mlalazi insisted that they take the baby to South Africa.

The move did not go down well with Musoni who then reported the matter to the police leading to their arrest.

The baby was intercepted at Beitbridge border post where Ncube was apprehended.


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