Residents condemn billing of dry taps

Residents condemn billing of dry taps

Chitungwiza Residents Trust (Chitrest) has condemned the continuous billing for residents when taps are dry.

Residents condemn billing of dry taps

In a statement, Chitungwiza Residents Trust said the Chitungwiza Municipality also increased charges in the absence of the water.

“Chitungwiza residents are found in a double tragedy of unavailability of water coupled with cumulative water bills as Chitungwiza Municipality continue billing residents despite its failure to supply the same.

“To show its relentless appetite to collect revenue without giving a hoot about service delivery Council even increased the water charges as of this August,” reads part of the statement.

Chitungwiza Residents Trust added:

“A Council employee with the Housing Department who spoke on condition of anonymity explained to our Chitrest Research Officer that Council use estimates to bill residents.

“This entails that even if one does not receive water as has been happening in most areas over the past six months, one still gets an estimated bill as if he or she is receiving water.

“The reason for this unempirical approach is that most water meters in Chitungwiza are moribund hence can no longer give actual readings. So the water bills of all residents are accumulating monthly regardless of the fact that the Council is not supplying any water to residents.

“This billing system which borders on trickery is very unfair to residents.”

Chitrest said residents have to buy water from dealers due to water woes.

“Residents have to buy water from the emerging band of opportunistic water dealers who are selling water at two dollars a bucket.

This really put our residents between a rock and a hard surface because some wake up as early as two am to queue,” said Chitungwiza Residents Trust.

Chitungwiza residents pleaded with the council to take action and address the water situation and the billing system.

“We kindly urge Council to do away with water estimates, rather Council should install functional water meters.

“Council should come with innovative to make sure all residents get clean and portable water.

“The price of water need to be negotiated with residents, unilateral declarations risk being resisted.”


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