Pressure Mounts on Grace Mugabe – New threats everyday

Former  First Lady, Grace Mugabe, is apparently battling to keep the fortunes accumulated during her late husband, Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule.

In the latest development, the once untouchable former first lady’s business empire is on the brink of collapse, as a Mazowe gold miner who was evicted during the first family’s business expansion in Mazowe, is now seeking to evict Grace from the properties.

NewsDay reports that Langton Chapungu and individuals only identified in court papers as Tongai and Jemwa are the applicants.

Since Mugabe’s ouster from power through a coup in November 2017, the former First Family has not enjoyed peace following several lawsuits filed against them by farmers and miners who were dispossessed of their land.

An excerpt from Chapungu’s court papers reads:

“The first and second respondents (Tongai and Jemwa) are doing illegal mining activities in my plot and the third respondent (Grace), is also doing her farming activities in that same plot of mine, to an extent that she had even erected some structures at my: place,” Chapungu stated.

“The defendants have gone further threatening me with unspecified action if I continue disturbing them from their: illegal activities in my plot. : In spite of the demand to vacate, the defendants have refused and offered flimsy and fabricated reasons to justify their continued illegal stay at my place, leaving me with no option  except to approach this honourable court relief,”

The embattled former first lady is facing similar threats from following reports that in June this year the high court ordered that she surrender part of the Blue Roof.

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