Patrick Zhuwao: Standing with President Mugabe during coup costed my investments

Patrick Zhuwao: Standing with President Mugabe during coup costed my investments.

Former Cabinet Minister and nephew to former President Robert Mugabe, Patrick Zhuwawo, has said that standing with the former ZANU PF boss made him lose his investments in Agriculture.


He said that for about fifteen years, he had been investing in agriculture after Mugabe persuaded him to take up the initiative.

Zhuwawo does not regret standing with his uncle when he was ousted in November 2017 saying that it was a choice he made. He added that he was grateful to Mugabe who taught him to put principle ahead of expedience as he could have left the veteran leader in exchange for his safety.

Zhuwawo added that since he no longer has access to his investments, he can now embark on research in a bid to establish ways which can be used to culminate and enhance Agriculture transformation through digital technologies.

The former Youth minister is one of Mugabe’s closest allies who nicodemusly skipped the country’s borders when the army took over every sector of the state on the evening of 14 November 2017.

The seizure of state apparatus was followed by unparalleled demonstrations in major cities of the country with the masses demanding the departure of Mugabe. They accused him of presiding over a failed economy for almost four decades.

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