The UK based Zimbabwe businesswoman-Olinda Chapel has finally broken her silence after the whole Tytan Visa drama.

Tatelicious comforts Olinda amid divorce rumours to Tytan

According to an online Question and Answer session on social media platform Olinda said she is still in shock.

Question And Answer Below:

Q – How are you feeling since that separation?

Olinda: I am still in shock, I guess!

Q- Is there any chance you and your husband getting back?

Olinda: No. He has made it very clear that he does not love me. And he last saw his child in July. I think that alone speak volume.

Q – Aint you Tytan’s Chimoko since you are the mother of his child?

Olinda: When one can’t even value that child, I doubt they would value the mother!

Q – Are you going to date Ndunge?

Olinda: Too early to be talking about dating. But by whatever miracle I do. No one will ever know.

Olinda: I think I have answered all I can. The kids and I are just fine. life is actually moving on. As it stands our marriage is over.

And No he doest has any contact with me or the child, since July. I have spent the last month going through the police, mental health team and social services and so far, I have done very well.

I just want peace for me and my babies and that’s all that matters. No one has the power to take me off from the pedestal I built myself.

No matter what lies are created and perpetuated. I will continue being a good mom and a good person. If he decides he wants contact he knows exactly where to find us.

Until then we can’t stop breathing for him!

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