Mugabe’s son Chatunga tweets emojis of sorrow

Mugabe’s son Chatunga tweets emojis of sorrow.

Robert Mugabe’s youngest child, Chatunga, had no words to express his loss at his father’s death. The youngest son of the former Zimbabwean leader tweeted four emojis of a crying face.

mugabe and son Chatunga

Hundreds of people have replied to the tweet, mainly passing on their condolences.
Mr Mugabe had four children altogether. His first son, Nhamodzenyika, died of malaria at the age of three in Ghana in 1966.

At the time Mr Mugabe was a prisoner of the white-minority Rhodesian government, which refused him permission to join his first wife Sally in Accra for the funeral.

Bellz Mugabe

With his second wife Grace Marufu, his former secretary, he had three children: Bona, Robert and Chatunga, who was born a year after the couple married when Mr Mugabe was 73 years old.


Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has died

We woke up to sad news this morning as we received the sad news of the passing of former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

MugabeThe former Zimbabwe president died in Singapore, current president Emmerson Mnangagwa confirmed this morning. It is believed he had been receiving treatment there…MORE HERE.

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