Mudiwa takes a dig at Stunner

Mudiwa takes a dig at Stunner.

It has been a good few years for Zimhi-hop with new artist coming up and trying to revive the genre which has been overshadowed by Zimdancehall. The genre has yesteryear names such as Mudiwa, Stunner Maskiri to name just a few, whilst the new era has been rocked by so many rappers but among them, Ti Gonz and Trap King Takura have had an exchange of the throne.


From what we can tell and information circulating in the ghetto it seems Ti Gonz is currently the main man of the genre. He has been working so hard that he has earned himself so many collaborations with many artists in the industry.


But if we were ever to mention beef in the industry, then we would have to mention these following artists, Maskiri, Mudiwa, Stunner and Ti Gonz. Though there has been no beef for sommetime it seems the beef between Mudiwa and Stunner is about to be re-ignited again.

CHe ch the picture below which was posted buy Plot Mhako and see how Mudiwa replied to the picture…

Plot Mhako post

And Stunner later said “Handiti maona kuti @mudiwahood (referring to Mudiwa) ndiye anditanga ka? Ndirikudzoka!!!!!!!!” So ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves for another war between these Zimhiphop rappers.

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