More pictures of Tino Kadewere and Bae

More pictures of Tino Kadewere and Bae.

The couple is expecting a baby together and they are so happy about it. Tino is one of the sweetest guys any lady would love to be with. He is so sweet and romantic, judging from the sweet messages she posts for his baby mama.

Check these stunning pictures of the couple as they share their love for each other on social media, and the sweet messages Tino writes for his Queen…

Tino Kadewere and BaeTino and Bae

this woman is the pillar of my life, i have fallen sometimes and she stood by me and in good times she is there also@because we are meant to be, you give me joy and happiness and i love you so very much for that and its good to have you back home❤️?? #trusttheprocess #tshaz❤️ #godaboveall

Tino Kadewere and GirlfriendTinotenda

I am who i am today because of you mamie, you could have been with someone else but you chose me for some reason i love you so much and forever will.

Tino and BaeTino and Bae

Couple GoalsTino and Sharon

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