Meet Zim’s Fitness Fanatic Mimie stunning pics

Meet Zim’s Fitness Fanatic Mimie stunning pics.

Two years ago I weighed 95kgs and as much as I told myself that I’m beautiful the way I am “big-boned “ I would say, Deep down I wasn’t happy.

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When all else fails,Take a vacay

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l started having health problems (high blood pressure) and my energy levels were on the low most times. At the same time, I let people into my head, they used to call me all sorts of names (Fatso, maf dhan’a, dhafu, Chibhora etc) and I hated it,I got so insecure with the way I looked, I couldn’t even look in the mirror.

it was up to me to change all that, I ended up being a gym addict and lost 27kgs in 7 months and again I wasn’t happy cz I let people into my head again, I was now being asked the last tym I got tested ??‍♀ that’s when it kicked.

Its not about any1 but the person I see in the mirror and grew a thick skin, I’m now sitting on 75kgs and I’ve never been so comfortable in my own skin… I don’t need to go under the knife…. all I need is my boxing gloves and weights…….DO YOU BE YOU FOR YOU “ said Mimie.

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