Massage Parlours offering “EXTRAS”? – Clients Pressure Us Masseuse Reveals

Massage Parlours are currently the latest craze in Zimbabwe at the moment, with many parlours sprouting up in the capital’s low and medium density suburbs.

Males are the main patrons of the parlours although it seems that some of these men have a different service in mind when they go for massages.

In an interview with local publication, H-Metro, a masseuse who works in Harare revealed that the profession is not for the weak of morals and principles, as there are too many temptations.

Rumbidzai Mauto told the publication,

I usually deal with male clients with different desires which sometimes makes my job complicated.

I think it’s because I am good at what I do, most of the clients request for my contacts after the services and sometimes ask me to come to their places. That, however, exposes me a lot and you need to be brave to survive.

As I said earlier, massages are for therapy and just to remove stress but that is not the intention of every client…I have read of stories of some people blasting those who offer extras to clients during massages. Sometimes it’s not their fault. It is the clients that request that and you have to be bold to stop them but it’s difficult.

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