Massage parlors now thigh vending havens

Massage parlors now thigh vending havens

Most of the massaging parlors have been turned into thigh vending havens as lustful men pest the beauties for extras, H-Metro has learned.


Cosmetology Association of Zimbabwe chairperson, Jackline Granger lamented how some of the parlors are being used as brothels urging them to retain professionalism in the beauty sector.

“As an association, we have tried to formalize the operations in hairdressing and make sure all are registered and use trained personnel,” said Granger.

“We realized that there is a problem in the beauty sector and people are opening massage centers and advertising these.

“They are using massage places like a front for running brothels and are after men and this is outside the code of conduct.

“They are recruiting young girls who will be serving the lustful men thereby killing the industry which is supposed to help people for wellness.

“Men are ever calling for extras whenever you tell them what we offer and worse off some are respectable people who are looking for such extra services.

“We have received complaints and many massaging parlors have been turned into se_x havens and we are urging those running such brothels to respect the industry,” said Granger.

Granger, director of Jackies Hair and Massage Emporium, said investigations have begun following reports received over how young ladies are being abused under this small and medium entrepreneur.

“Investigations are being carried out to expose those killing the industry through such illegal activities when some are being trained to boost the demanding profession,” said Granger.

“We are encouraging people to engage professional massaging parlors dotted in most of the cities and towns across the country.

“Massaging helps much in wellness and we are engaging corporates in making sure their employees are attended to.

“Massages are being carried on open places and we have teams trained to attend our athletes as well as employees in reducing stress after work and other challenging issues,” said Granger.

She said more than 10 000 people have undergone training in beauty therapy that if they are left abusing the profession it will be difficult to correct the mistake.

Open massaging services were carried on Sunday at Westgate to athletes who participated in a marathon and at Wellness Day conducted at ZB Sports Club on Saturday.

Massaging services carried included Swedish full body, neck and back, deep tissue, shiatsu, hot stone, Indian head, aromatherapy, facials, reflexology and body exfoliation massages.


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