MARRIAGE ON ROCKS!, “She cheated with 4 men”

MARRIAGE ON ROCKS!, “She cheated with 4 men”

A Harare couple’s marriage is on the brink of collapse after the husband reportedly found that his wife was dating four different men.

MARRIAGE ON ROCKS!, "She cheated with 4 men"

On the other hand, the wife Tatenda Chisadza says she has never cheated and believes this is all a plot by her erstwhile husband, Kennedy Nyatoti, to tarnish her.

The allegations of cheating came following the creation of a WhatsApp group that allegedly exposed Tatenda’s reported boyfriends.

It is further claimed Kennedy and other relatives were also added to the group.

A close source confirmed to H-Metro that the incident occurred on July 14.

“The person who created a WhatsApp group wanted to expose Chisadza and it was a way to inform her husband.

“Nyatoti works in Beitbridge and when he is away she is accused of inviting alleged boyfriends into their matrimonial home.”

Contacted for comment Nyatoti could not dwell much on the issue.

“I only discovered that she was cheating on me when someone added me in a WhatsApp group in July.

“I was shocked by the screenshots and semi-nude pictures.

“We are no longer living together now. I don’t want to say much,” Nyatoti said.

However, Tatenda dismissed the allegations saying her husband was accusing her of cheating since he did not want a divorce.

“We are having problems with my husband and he is doing the best he can to stop the divorce and I’m sure he is behind all this.

“I never cheated and he plotted all this I’m sure.

“Call him and find out since he is the one who knows everything,” she said

H-Metro got in touch with one of the alleged boyfriends, Teurayi Muchenje who claimed to have dated Chisadza back in 2008 and had recently started flirting with her.

He, however, clarified that the flirting was after she had told him that she was on separation.

“We once dated in high school and that was then but we are friends now.

“When she opened up about the separation with her husband we started flirting on WhatsApp but we never dated but I, later on, found out that she was still married to him.

“Someone created a WhatsApp group and I found myself in there that’s how I got to know that she was legally married.

“We never spoke since the July 14 incident,” Muchenje said.

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