Newly Elected Minister, Marian Chombo vows to tackle Corruption

The former wife of Ignatius Chombo, Marian, says she is looking forward to tackling corruption following her appointment as deputy minister on Local Government on Friday.

Chombo was speaking after she was sworn in at State House on Monday where she pledged to deal with corruption in local authorities. She said:

Every politician has a journey and this was my journey and at least, there is light. I still have to prove to Zimbabweans that I can deliver.

We were in a meeting with the President and he said we shouldn’t tolerate corruption and I will make sure I will do my best in that regard.

Marian divorced the short-lived Finance Minister in acrimonious circumstances. During the divorce process, she exposed Ignatius’ obscene wealth, which made observers view him as one of the most corrupt government officials of all time.

After she was attacked by the then President Robert Mugabe in 2013 for standing as an independent candidate in parliamentary elections, Marian joined former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party and later re-joined Zanu PF.

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