SHOCKER: Man axes his own uncle to death

 CHINAMHORA man was dragged to court over the weekend charged with murder after allegedly axing his uncle to death following a misunderstanding.

Killian Tagarira, 47, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Victoria Mashamba and was referred to the High Court for bail application.

Prosecuting Flossy Jambanja, alleged that Tagarira went to his uncle’s house who is now the deceased Bernard Mujaji Shonhiwa at around 2am.

The court heard that Tagarira demanded that his uncle come out of the house so that they could resolve their outstanding dispute but he refused prompting Tagarira to break down the door.

When Tagarira broke down the door, he dragged his uncle from the bed and shoved him to the ground and struck him twice on the head with an axe while lying on the ground, the court heard.

Shonhiwa passed away some five hours later at a local hospital.

Tagarira also appeared in the same court on attempted rape charges in which the State alleged that he tried to rape a 47-year-old shop keeper.

The State had it that Tagarira, on November 7, went to the lady’s takeaway and told her that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her a request which she turned down advising him that they would have to get an HIV test first.

The court heard that the complainant went into a room at the back and Tagarira followed her and pushed her to the ground, unzipping his pair of trousers attempting to rape her.

The complainant shouted for help and was heard by one Esther Mutsevene who rushed to the room but failed to restrain Tagarira. She, however, managed to call other villagers who managed to help her.

Tagarira was also charged with assault after he assaulted 80-year-old Sabastine Boriwendo accusing him of witchcraft on September 22 after they had met at their relative’s funeral.

Tagarira was also charged for disorderly conduct against Moddie Dube a 65-year-old lady after he went to her house on October 29 around midnight drunk, hitting her door with a concrete brick demanding money.

Tagarira will be back in court on November 25.

Source – HMetro

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