Linda Masarira speaks on HIV scandal

Linda Masarira speaks on HIV scandal.

Linda said she was not moved by the story. “Whatever happened in the past is past, we cannot judge someone by what he did some years ago because I was not there in the past and why would someone bring 2014 issues into 2019?

Linda Masarira and Gilbert-KaingidzaControversial politician Linda Masarira-Kaingidza says she will not lose sleep over pictures and chats being posted on social media about her husband Gilbert Kaingidza. Kaingidza is being accused of deliberately spreading HIV to various women.

“It’s obvious that it is someone with sour grapes and has some agenda with my husband. “If they think that it will affect me or break me up with my husband they should forget and smile because nothing will separate me and my hubby.

“It’s nonsensical, they should go to hell and asvotwa ngaarutse because me and my husband we are happily married,” she said. Early this week, a woman claimed on a Facebook page that Kaingidza is knowingly spreading HIV in South Africa while pretending to be a pastor and appealed for help to shame him.

“There is a certain guy that is spreading aids and he is a truck driver based in Durban who infected me and many other women out there. “He makes us fall in love with him, does everything that pays our rent, food, upkeep and i dated him for about eight months but I was always negative.

“I wish to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation and I have not told my family either. “His name is Gilbert Jiga Jones Kaingidza and his wife is Pauline Muchuchu Kaingidza, please assist me,” said the woman.

In the Facebook post dated October 15 2014, Kaingidza responded to the woman saying that he will take legal action against her. “Whoever you are, have no right to write about my status that you don’t know.

“Tomorrow morning I’m meeting some lawyers in Johannesburg to summon you and more so you and your people have gone to the extent of defaming my wife’s character in the quest to make your follower’s happy

“Thank you for publishing some very worthy while news and tarnishing my name over some lie’s you heard from some women who are after earning a living through other people’s sweat.

“Yes, of course, I and my wife Pauline Muchuchu Kaingidza are not HIV and HIV positive, so why would you write in your articles about me when you don’t even know me. “Go ahead write what you want but I’m watching you and you better start getting yourselves good lawyer. It is Patience Mangezi you are trying to protect,” replied Kaingidza.

The woman later responded. “Don’t waste your time threatening me hanzvadzi and I think the other way around it is prove kuti you are negative by showing results,” she said.


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