Latest: Reverend Lucy Natasha attacked over President Mnangagwa prophecy

Kenyan woman of God Reverend Lucy Natasha has received a major backlash online after giving her prophecy on Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The Oracle Of God prophetess was on Saturday, November 23, hosted at the Zimbabwe State House where she got the opportunity so spend some time with Mnangagwa.

Her meeting with the Head of State excited her so much that she shared the moment on social media, accompanied by prophecy that the president will enjoy a new realm of favor, dominion and influence from God.

”Great moments with His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in State House earlier today. I prophesy that God will usher you into a new realm of favor, dominion and influence,” she wrote.

Natasha clearly meant well with her prophecy but quite a number of people picked issue with her over the same, with many claiming she was ”sleeping” with the devil.

Most of her critics strongly advised her to keep away from the President urging he is as evil as it can get and does not deserve God’s favour.

Others pleaded with Natasha to stick to the word of God and desist from mixing with characters such as Mnangagwa.

From Zimbaweans to Kenyans, to others from different parts of the world, thousands of people roasted Natasha online.

Some even baptised her Jezebel and claimed she was busy dining with the devil himself, lol.

Going by the comments, it is clear her meeting with the president did not settle well with quite a multitude of people.

TUKO understands the Reverend was in Zimbabwe for a few days mission following an invite from her host, prophetess Memory Matimbire of Daughters of Virtue Ndadhinhiwa.

While her mission was successful, her exit from the country was marred by controversy thanks to her visit to the Zimbabwe’s State House.


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