LATEST: Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF admits failure to fix Zimbabwe’s economic challenges

THE ruling Zanu PF party has unwittingly admitted failure to address the socio-economic challenges that have reduced the majority of Zimbabweans to abject poverty.

But the party has, however, accused the opposition MDC of causing the challenges.

In its central committee report to 18th national people’s conference held in Goromonzi last week, the party admitted to have superintended over a collapsed health sector, growing levels of unemployment and poverty, among other challenges, and also indicating that people had lost trust in the party’s promises to fight corruption.

“We know poverty is now pervasive among our communities. Unemployment remains a challenge. The health services sector, which underpins the wellness of our people, has become inadequate. Livelihoods remain fragile,” the report by the commissariat read.

“However, our President Cde Dr (Emmerson) ED Mnangagwa has remained resourceful and an inspiration to all by coming up with economic policies such as Transitional Stabilisation Programme. The department extends (its) deepest gratitude to the entire membership for remaining loyal to the party in the most trying and difficult socio-economic challenges.”

The report further stated that the Zanu PF government, despite all the glaring challenges in the country, would rule beyond 2023 and address the challenges.

While admitting that the country was in a crisis, the Zanu PF commissariat report, however, tried to shift blame to the opposition MDC, civic society and some embassies.

“2019 has been a difficult year for our party and country. The year was characterised by political challenges mostly driven by the plotting of immature main opposition party, namely the MDC-A, which focused its energies on disruptive political behaviour, which is misguided and unpatriotic, in an effort to effect regime change with the unholy alliance with the G40 misguided elements,” the report read.

But MDC spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said it was absurd for a party that “stole” the 2018 elections to blame others for its failure to plot a successful course for the country.

“How are we responsible for the national crisis? We are not responsible for running government. It is that illegitimate regime that is responsible and where do we come in?” Tamborinyoka charged.

“We are not responsible for illegal taxes they collect after imposing them on people. We have not abused US$3 billion (command) agriculture (funds). So how do we become responsible for the crisis. Everyone knows we are where we are because of Zanu PF, who rigged the 2018 elections.”

On corruption, Zanu PF said there was the perception that the party had failed to deal with the vice and that was now creating problems in their recruitment drive as people were now shunning them.

“The perception that government lacks commitment to tackle the endemic problem of corruption has been posing a serious threat to party mobilisation efforts, but slowly, the public is beginning to appreciate government is not sleeping on the job,” the report read.

The party, however, revelled in electoral glory after winning a number of by-elections this year.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo was said to be in a meeting yesterday and could not immediately comment on the matter.

Source — NewsDay

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