DANCEHALL sensation Soul Jah Love says he has matured and now looks at life with a different view than he did in the past.

‘Haters are a blessing to me’

The Conquering Family boss revealed it is the past mistakes he has made hat have been his biggest letdown and is now trying to make corrections as he turns to a new page in his life.

“I have matured now and over the years I have made so many mistakes some I regret, some that I am trying to fix and some I can’t fix, it’s all part of life.

“My biggest achievement though is realising that I have made mistakes and willing to change.

“I have learnt from my mistakes and I am still learning and I am trying kugadzirisa zvinhu nekunama maburi acho ari kuda kunamwa.

“Ndichitori parwendo yekugadzirisa zvinogadzirisika and that’s what I call maturity and I now say I have matured,” said Soul Jah Love.

He added that being mature has changed a lot in his life and him getting back to his norm of making hit songs constantly.

True is his statement as Soul Jah love prior to his newly released album Zviri pandiri zvhihombe, the chanter has managed to release a string of catchy songs like Grinding, Mind your turusi, Hameni, Chinokanganwa idemo and Uyoo among others.

“The album has been well received, the launch was packed and the support has just been great.

“Next time it means we now have to look for a bigger venue as we have now managed to fill up Takashinga Grounds and Harare Gardens.

“I have been in good state, positive thinking and the music I am making says it all.”

Jah Love who released the video to the title track “Zviri pandiri zvihombe” said he is now working with Dan Man as his manager and is working tirelessly to deliver more for his fans.

“At the moment we are shooting videos for the entire album (Zvihombe zviri pandiri).

“It’s going to be a DVD album with 21 videos and I am working with Talent, SAP and Andy Cutta.

“I am also going to be releasing more singles and next week I should be dropping five songs,” he said.


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