Haywire as Po_rn Addicted Man Threatens To Kill Wife For Stopping Him From Watching Blue Movies

In a rather bizarre case, a Dzivarasekwa man was dragged to the courts by his wife after he allegedly threatened to kill her.The wife, Mitchell Nyoni, applied for a peace order at the Harare Civil Court after her husband Life Nyoni threatened to kill her after she stopped him from watching por_no_graphic movies in her presence.

In her application, Mitchel said,

My husband is threatening to kill me after I told him not to watch his videos in my presence. He is in the habit of assaulting me when the children are around.

On 1 October, my 17-year-old son saw me naked when he was trying to rescue me. My husband assaulted me saying I should not stop him to do what he wants since he is the head of the house.

He is in the habit of insulting me when he comes back from his girlfriend. I have no problem with him going to see his girlfriends but let him not call me names.

In his defence, however, Life claimed that he was actually a romantic movie when his wife mistook it for an explicit movie.

I have no problem with the protection order being granted but I was v romantic movie and she said I was watching por_no. It was a misunderstanding between us which led me to assault her.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo issued a peace order against Life. He ordered him not to insult, assault, harass or to make death threats to Mitchel.

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