“Gringo” Lazarus Boora family reaches out for RTGS 18000.00

Zimbabwe veteran  actor, Lazarus Boora affectionately known as Gringo’s family have appealed to the public for RTGs18 000 donations.

The actor was reportedly admitted at Harare Hospital yesterday is supposed to undergo an emergency operation due to complications with his appendix.

The family appealed to social media influencer Jackie Ngarande stating that they were in need for donations for his medical procedure.

They stated that they had some money as well but it wasn’t enough to cover all expenses.

Jackie shared a message from his family on her social media

Hie Sis jackie i know makati you dont want maposts ekukumbira mari but today ndauyawo on behalf of the my family.

Kindly asking for help aunt jackie we are really ineed of 18000 rtgS for Lazarus Boora (Gringo) he is going for a surgery ane padiki paainapo will be very grateful. Ta advertiser manewspaper on zbc but we are failing kuwana. Mari yacho maybe one or two or your group might help

Thank you in advance

Ecocash Number 0782726247 TANAKA BOORA

Lets all help.and save Gringo We all enjoyed watching him on TV during our childhood years

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