“Freedom Of Speech Is A Taboo In Zanu PF”

“Freedom Of Speech Is A Taboo In Zanu PF”

Masvingo based political analyst Jeffryson Chitando has said freedom of speech is a taboo in Zanu PF.

“Freedom Of Speech Is A Taboo In Zanu PF”

Chitando was commenting on the suspension of Zanu PF MP for Chivi South Killer Zivhu for allegedly undermining the authority of the President.

See Chitando’ s argument :

If reports that Chivi South Member of Parliament Killer Zivhu is being dragged before a disciplinary committee for suggesting that Zanu PF President Mnangagwa and MDC President Chamisa must engage in talks are true- then democracy in Zanu PF is in the coffin.

Killer Zivhu represents the people of Chivi South. The views he might be communication to the nation might be the general sentiments and aspirations of Chivi South.

If ZanuPF is prepared to nail its own son on the cross for airing his views or those of people he represents,then it should not surprise you that any views by the opposition party will be opposed.

This Killer Zivhu incident only serves as evidence that freedom of speech in Zanu PF is a taboo.

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