Ex VP Joice Mujuru considers rejoining ZANU-PF

The ruling ZANU PF party is reportedly trying to woo former Vice President Joice Mujuru and G40 bigwigs back into the fold. Asked if she will consider rejoining ZANU PF, Mai Mujuru gave a cryptic response. She said

Situations change and some may say ‘never, over my dead body’. However, when you are in a position such as mine, you can never say never. I am no longer looking at Zimbabwe alone but beyond Zimbabwe and even myself.

I have to think outside the box. Solutions (for the country) come from different persons. We have to meet as one and come up with the solutions. If we meet to discuss, we can come up with all the solutions to our problem.

Mai Mujuru revealed to the publication that she had recently met with the director-general of the Central Intelligence Organisation, Isaac Moyo, where they deliberated on the state of affairs in the country.

In 2015, Joice Mujuru was expelled from ZANU PF alongside her allies who were identified as the Gamatox faction. She was accused of corruption, witchcraft and incompetence.

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