DZ parents blamed for son’s death

DZ parents blamed for son’s death

AN alcoholic Dzivaresekwa man who is believed to be a victim of domestic violence was found dead yesterday morning.

DZ parents blamed for son’s death

The man, Stanley Maloya, 45, was early yesterday, reported to have been attacked by his parents who were looking after him.

However, the parents denied ever beating the man saying he took an overdose of highly intoxicating kachasu brew.

“My son has been an alcoholic ever since he stopped being a kombi driver.

“He used to drink illicit brew musombodhiya but later on he changed to kachasu because musombodhiya affected his appetite.

“It has been his hobby of coming back home every day drunk to an extent of being carried by his drinking mates.

“Yesterday, he left the house early morning and I don’t know where he went only to found him outside the gate this morning (yesterday) dead.

“I asked around only to hear that his two drinking mates dropped him outside akanoka, so I believe he has been killed by taking an overdose of kachasu,” said Stanley’s mother.

Stanley’s mother also mentioned that the murder rumour was being spread by jealous people.

“People are always jealous especially when you upgrade by refurbishing your house.

“Stanley has been like that and his wife left him for South Africa because he is an alcoholic.”

However, residents in the community have put the blame on his parents for beating their son to death because of his behavior.

“His parents used to beat him up every time and I don’t recall the last time he ate at his parents’ house.

“As of his death, Stanley was dropped by his friends yesterday in a pushcart around five in the evening and his parents started to beat him up because of the state he was in.

“They also poured water on him and made him sleep on the veranda.

“Unfortunately, Stanley died in the morning due to the beatings and coldness,” she said on condition of anonymity.

Stanley’s close friend only identified as Manex also concurred with what has been mentioned above arguing that his parents have not been doing justice to his friend.

“Boss Ganato was a good man and he is the one who taught me how to drive.

“But the problem are his parents they would always beat him up and at one point vakamupisa ne iron vachimutuka kuti they wasted their money and time on him.

“Especially his mother, she didn’t want him to play with me vachiti ndini ndomufurira.

“But when I heard the news about his death, I was really saddened and went to his house to confirm if it was true but the parents refused to open the door for everyone who wanted to see him.

“I even went to the extremes of trying to jump the gate but his mother was holding an axe to prevent anyone from trying to enter the house,” he said.



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