Drunk armed robber pulls shocker, falls asleep at victims residence

Drunk armed robber pulls shocker, falls asleep at victims residence.

According to the H-Metro, Fanuet Ngirandi and his accomplices ransacked a pharmacy owner’s house in Epworth before falling asleep hiding in the complainant’s car.

gun point


A drunk armed robber was allegedly caught after falling asleep at a victim’s residence where he and his accomplices had raided in Epworth. The matter came to light before Harare magistrate Learnmore Mapiye.

Prosecutor Sabastian Mutizirwa alleged that on September 2 around am, the complainant, Shadreck Haukozi was asleep with his family when he heard a disturbing sound at the main door which prompted him to alert his wife and maid.

Haukozi and his family rushed to the bedroom and locked themselves from inside then Ngirandi and his alleged accomplice’s forced entry into the house before they broke down the door and forced everyone to lie down facing downwards.

They ransacked the whole house pointing a pistol at Haukozi demanding money and he showed them his wallet from which they took US$397. They also stole a blue 5kg gas tank, Samsung 13 cellphone, three Nokia 105 cellphones, seven zol jerry cans with diesel, a welding machine and a grinder.

They demanded more money from Haukozi and he indicated that he had money at his shop. Then they forced him to drive to his shop where they broke in and stole $2 700, a grinder, and a welding machine before they drove back to the house with Ngirandi hiding in one of the loading boxes in the car.

On arrival at the house, they locked him with his family in one of the bedrooms and went away leaving Ngirandi sleeping in the complainant’s car as he was drunk.

Ngirandi was later arrested after he was found sleeping in the car by the police. However, no sufficient information could be gathered on the reason why the suspect had been hiding in the car during the court session. The matter is still pending.

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