Citizens furious over new ZESA tarrifs

It seems like Zimbabweans cannot quite catch a break. Of late resilient Zimbabweans who seem to be geniuses at finding alternative ways of coping, have been floored by the recent hike in the price of electricity.

While ZESA load shedding seems to have improved marginally, many are now failing to cope with the sky-high tariffs which are now negatively impacting customers.

The new stepped charges which punish consumers for using more power mean that if a household uses more than 200 kWh they will purchase the additional units at a whopping $3.89 per kWh. This means that $100 will get you just over 25 units.

The stepped tariffs work as follows:

  • First 50 units @ $0.41/kWh: $0.41 x 50 = $20.50
  • Next 150 units @ $0.91/kWh: $0.91 x 150 = $136.50
  • First 200 units will cost $20.5 + $136.5 = $157.00

Anything over and above 200 units gets charged at $3.89/unit. This means that if your household uses 400 units per month your total costs will be $978.00 per month broken down as below:

$20.50 for Units 1- 50 ( 50 x $0.41)
$136.50 for Units (51-200) (200 x $0.91)
$778.00 for Unites (201-400) (200 x $3.89)

To put this into perspective,  one frustrated user on social media shared how he purchased 566.1 units of electricity for $60 before the power hike. However, to buy the same number of units he now requires an eye-popping $1668.

To make matters worse, the way the charges have been structured mean that they punish poor families and those families which share the same house. In most high-density areas in Zimbabwe, a single house may be shared by four tenants or more which means they do not get the benefit of the cheaper prices for units less than 200.



Below is how some Zimbabweans are reacting to the increase.



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