LATEST: CIO fingered to stolen computer at Editor’s office

THE Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) has been fingered as a prime suspect in the October theft of a Surface Book computer at an office building where former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi rents space in Harare.

The incident reportedly happened while Kudzayi, who now runs the Kukurigo WhatsApp news service, was away in Johannesburg and the stolen computer turned out to belong to an unrelated business that operates from the same building.

Sources at Highlands police said the case, which was reported under RRB4122262, was abandoned after leads pointed to the involvement of the intelligence services.

“Initially we did not know that Kudzayi operates an office at the building but once that was established, additional information surfaced and the case was abandoned, there have been no further investigations,” a police officer familiar with the case said.

Kudzayi appears to be on the CIO’s radar over alleged plots to oust President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Harare Post, a pro-government online publication with links to the CIO, in November carried reports alleging Kudzayi and ZimLive editor Mduduzi Mathuthu had been hired by Saviour Kasukuwere and Professor Jonathan Moyo to lead an information onslaught aimed at overthrowing President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“The agreement between Kudzayi, who was the behind the faceless facebook characters – Baba and Mai Jukwa, and the G40 honchos, was reached at a recent meeting in South Africa,” the Harare Post article claimed.

Kudzayi confirmed the theft of the computer and told NewZimbabwe.com that his information also pointed to CIO involvement.

“The computer did not belong to me and even if it did, I do not keep any confidential information on any of my devices. The CIO is seeing shadows and they are obviously targeting individuals they perceive to be hostile,” he said.

“They are coming to the office on the pretext of seeking professional services. Recently, they parked a battered unmarked Nissan Hardbody across the road and left it running and came inside on foot before asking for solar systems. On a previous occasion two men in their late 50’s, who later stole the computer in question, came in and asked for design services. Some well-wishers warned me some weeks ago to watch my back and I have no doubt that the CIO is behind this.”

On his alleged involvement in a G40 plot to overthrow Mnangagwa:

“It’s a whole lot of nonsense that the CIO is feeding Mnangagwa to pretend as though they are useful to him. What is G40 anyway? I read one stupid propaganda article alleging I had been paid US$2,000 in South Africa to join a G40 plot? Would anyone in their right mind join a plot for US$2,000? It’s adolescent nonsense being peddled by intelligence officers who lack the imagination to invent believable lies.”

Source – New Zimbabwe

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