Ciamera for Ginimbi nightclub

Ciamera for Ginimbi nightclub

. . . Sankayi now Dreams Nightlife
. . . MTV Base handle red carpet

Popular American Instagram star, Ciamera Jimenez will host the official opening of Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s nightclub next week on Tuesday.

Ciamera for Ginimbi nightclub

Formerly known as Club Sankayi, the joint has since been rebranded and will be known as Dreams Nightlife.

The 31-year-old social media star is said to have a net worth of between US$100 000 and US$1million and has been in the company of Ginimbi before as she spent some time at his Domboshawa mansion last year.

With over 297 000 followers on Instagram since opening her account in December 2013 and better known as Cici, Ciamera has gained massive popularity for her risque bikini and lingerie modeling alongside lifestyle photos as a glamour model.

On August 24, MTV Base will be handling the red carpet and will air this history-making launch of a club Ginimbi hopes will rank among the best in southern Africa.

Ciamera for Ginimbi nightclub

“Name has changed from Club Sankayi to Dreams because the whole feel and theme of the club has changed. We are bringing something fresh in Zimbabwe -the feel of New York in our country. We have a lot that we will be offering those who love the exclusive expensive night life lifestyle,” said Ginimbi’s manager, Shaleen Manhire-Nullens.

Although the official launch is on a Tuesday, the club will only open Saturdays and Sundays.

“We are going to call it Trap Saturdays hosted by DJ Rimo, Selekta Bass and T Bass. We will also guest a new DJ every Saturday so we have a new theme every weekend,” she added.

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