Chaos an Landlords and tenants fight over Electricity usage

THE Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company’s (ZETDC) tariffs and payments platforms have caused panic among households over power usage.

Reports say ZETDC prepaid customers have of late been left stranded following the system disruption of payments platforms such as EcoCash and other online platforms while some tokens already purchased are not generated.

Last week, the power utility implemented fresh changes to the domestic tariff at 200 kWh costing RTGS$157 and the tiered pricing system encourages consumers to use less electricity as you’ll be charged more as you break the 200KWh threshold.

Above 200 kWh, one unit will cost RTGS$3.89 which means a user has to fork out $778 to purchase another 200 kWh which initially cost RTGS$175 within the cap, totaling to RTGS$978 per month.

A Kambuzuma resident who preferred anonymity said she is sharing a rented house with two families and revealed the challenges she is facing.

“It’s very difficult for us lodgers especially when you are sharing with others who have different budget and lifestyle.

“We are no longer seeing eye to eye with others because of power usages as one accuses the other of over using power, takutotya kubika zvatinoda nekuti unenge wakunzi uku shandisa magetsi akawanda.

“One can say I can’t afford to pay such an amount for Zesa because he or she doesn’t consume much while the other needs power more, so it’s difficult for us tenants and we just appeal to Zesa if they can find means to sort this mess out,” she said.

Calls have been made for the power company to provide affordable billing meters which alleviate power sharing challenges in household amid discontent between tenants sharing the same house.

Furthermore, some have urged ZETDC to charge in foreign currency citing the huge RTGS amounts they have to deal with after the 200 kWh cap expires.

ZESA Holdings spokesperson Fullard Gwasira took to Twitter and responded to the challenges faced by prepaid customers.

”Zetdc would like to advise its valued customers countrywide that it is experiencing system challenges with its prepaid vending system.

“In the meantime, customers can revert to our banking halls countrywide to purchase electricity tokens whilst the situation is being addressed. Customers will be advised on the progress of full service restoration.

“Customers can also use the self service portal on our website will assist those whose tokens were generated but not sent,” read the Tweet.


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