Busha sues online reporter

Busha sues an online reporter

FreeZim Congress leader, Joseph Busha, has sued online news reporter, Alois Vinga for $1 million at the High Court for defamation.

Busha sues an online reporter

The suit arose from an article by Vinga carried on NewZimbabwe headlined “Mnangagwa challenger in wife abuse storm”.

In his Plaintiff Declaration, Busha said, Vinga wrote and published through the online newspaper an article wherein he claimed a Johannesburg court had issued a protection order against the businessman.

“The article received widespread publication to newsreaders online where the article remains flighted and continues to be republished for every second it remains so flighted,” he said.

“The said words are in their entirety false, wrongful and defamatory per se of and concerning Plaintiff, were meant to imply, did imply and were construed and understood by the ordinary reader to imply that Plaintiff is a convicted criminal and a domestic offender.

“…of general hypocritical tendencies and moral decadency rendering him unfit to hold public office,” he said.

Busha said as a result of the alleged published falsehoods he was damaged in his reputation, dignity and esteem in the eyes of his family, friends, business partners and the global community.

He said despite his courteous invitation, Vinga has stubbornly refused to retract or apologize the alleged falsehoods.

Busha wishes for a judgment allowing the retraction posted on the same website for a period of 1 000 days from the day the order is granted.

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