Bulilima man fatally kills neighbour over married lover affair

A 35-YEAR-OLD herder from Bulilima supposedly lethally ambushed his 66-year-old neighbor whom he blamed for taking part in an extramarital entanglements with his wedded sweetheart who is likewise his manager.

Vincent Luphahla of Phakama West Village in Khame ambushed Lungile Dlamini for supposedly having an unsanctioned romance with Ms Concilia Manombe (53) whose spouse works in South Africa.

Matabeleland South commonplace police representative Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele affirmed the occurrence which happened on Saturday at around 10PM.

“I can affirm that we recorded a homicide case which happened in Phakama West Village in Bulilima. The suspect Vincent Luphahla had a misconception with the now perished Lungile Dlamini over an undisclosed issue. Luphahla attacked Dlamini a few times with a mop stick, hatchet handle and mopane switch and he passed on the spot.”

Examinations are in progress and Luphahla is still on the loose. We offer to anybody with data that could prompt the capture of the suspect to contact any closest police headquarters. As the police we keep on asking individuals from people in general to cease from taking part in brutality when looked with debates.

“Individuals ought to connect with an outsider and look for guiding so as to determine their questions genially,” he said.

A source near the examinations said Luphahla, who is utilized as a herder by Ms Manombe with whom he was likewise supposedly engaging in extramarital relations, stood up to Dlamini after he saw him leave the lady’s home around evening time.

“On Saturday at around 10PM, Dlamini went to see his darling Ms Manombe who is Luphahla’s manager. Ms Manombe revealed to Dlamini that she was never again keen on engaging in extramarital relations with him as she was hitched and network individuals presently thought about their undertaking.

“Dlamini left after about an hour and when he had quite recently left the door, Luphahla halted him and blamed him for engaging in extramarital relations with Ms Manombe who additionally happened to be his lady. Ms Manombe who was still in her room heard the two men contending over the issue. She heard Dlamini begging Luphahla not to execute him,” said the source.

The source said Ms Manombe opened the entryway and saw Luphahla attacking Dlamini and attempted to intercede yet Luphahla took steps to murder her too.

He said Ms Manombe fled to a neighbor’s property where she looked for help.

The source said Ms Manombe together with her neighbor went to Khame Police Base to report the issue and when police went to the scene, they discovered Dlamini lying on the ground dead and bare.

He said Dlamini continued wounds everywhere throughout the body because of the assault.

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