Breaking: ZESA silently raises TARRIFS again by 6%

Struggling national power utility ZETDC has raised electricity tariffs. The power utility increased the prices of the tariffs by 6 percent, although it did so silently without informing consumers of the price increase.

This news will be met with dismay by the most Zimbabweans who are already reeling from the effects of inflation and who have been complaining that they cannot afford the sky-high tariffs.

The first 50 units of electricity for the month which used to cost $20.50 now cost $21.73. This means that each of the first 50 units is now being sold for 43.46 cents. It used to cost 41 cents.

The next 150 units which used to cost $136.50 now cost $144.69. This translates to 96.46 cents per kWh compared to 91 cents before.

This means that the lifeline of 200 units of electricity which are sold at a lower price now cost $166.42 up from $157.

After 200 units have been consumed, all other units will now go for a punitive $4.10 per kWh compared to $3.87 per kWh before.

Below are some screenshots from Zesa’s own Self-service Portal






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